About Us

A Winelight™ is a ceramic, glass, or metal "cork" with a cotton wick through it that allows any glass bottle or container to be used as an oil lamp.

The Winelight™ was first sold in the winery tasting rooms and then to gift shops around the United States. It was developed so that the customer could save that special wine or champagne bottle and when empty recycle it into a decorative and romantic oil lamp. Additionally, crafters began using the Winelight™ and often paint or decorate bottles by filling them with dried flowers, silk flowers, etc.

The company manufactures and distributes various accessories for this main product line. The Winelight™ Flame Protector is a glass chimney that fits over the neck of a wine or champagne bottle so that the Winelight™ may be used outdoors or in a drafty area.

The next time you think "Wine Bottle Accessory" or "Bottle Wick", think Winelight™